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For Lease in Saipan $2,000,000 - Residential, Villa
4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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This unique home is Architect-design/built and occupied, and is perched on a ridge near the center of Saipan with views of the Philippine Sea on the east, and to the west Garapan can be seen thru a lush jungle, followed by the myriad blues of the lagoon, and finally the Pacific Ocean.  This makes for outstanding sunrises and sunsets and breathtaking panoramic views.

This nearly two-acre parcel (6800 sq.m. plus right-of-way) sits at 1100 feet elevation, and is just off the main road to the top of Tapochao, Saipan’s highest mountain. At this elevation, the usual air temperature is about four degrees cooler than at sea level, and the breezes are cooling as well.

The main house has 2,100 square feet of inside living space consisting of one bedroom, one and a half baths, a den and entry, and a great room containing the living /dining/ kitchen area.  Just across the outdoor Pool and patio space is a separate living unit with two bedrooms, a living room, a small kitchen and a bar, and a natural stone-tiled bath. Adjacent to the main carport is a 600 square-foot two-car garage, with automatic garage door openers and entrances to the kitchen and to the outside back stairway.  Also by the spacious paved parking area is a concrete utility building to house the emergency generator, and a separate section for the propane tanks.  The two living areas are connected on the East side by a curved, stone-faced and glass block entry/storage area with custom etched French doors opening onto the sweeping balconies and deck spaces.  Near this entry is a pool room, with the pump systems and more storage for maintenance items and outdoor toys.  The pool circulation system has its own solar panel directly connected to a special direct current pump system; so although there is no need for outside power, there is still a backup pump to be used when vacuuming the pool.

The river-pebble deck and pool connect the two units and feature a variety of plantings and several seating and eating areas including a long, built-in bench for sitting and watching the pool and/or the sunset.  Two freeform triangular teal sails serve to shade the center area, covering the 15,000 gallon custom-built 45-foot long pool finished in ombre dark blue ceramic tiles, with three in-pool lights that highlight two mosaic green sea turtles swimming toward the deep end.  The west side of the pool needs no railing, thus ensuring a clear view of glorious sunsets across the pool.  A large deck with room for dining and entertaining is off the living room of the second unit.  A small bar is built into the area above the pool and main deck; matching French doors open from the main house entrance area to the deck.  The stainless railing system utilizes cables so as not to block the expansive view.  And off the master bedroom is a wider deck area for more private lounging and enjoyment of the view.  The deck cantilevers out by the dining room in order to hold a long natural ironwood table and bench, a great place to watch the sunset over Garapan.  West-facing windows are eight feet high, in groups of four (with sliding glass doors), giving the appearance of a window wall.  All windows are constructed of commercial grade aluminum frames with 3/8 inch laminated glass to eliminate the need for typhoon shutters.  Shades in both units keep afternoon sun out, and roll up to practically disappear the rest of the time.  Stairways from the pool area, and from the master bedroom, lead down to the lower plantation on the West side.  Coffee trees, pineapples, betelnut, and other crops as well as ornamental plants grow along these slopes.

Coffee, bananas, papayas and pineapples also grow on the Eastern slope, plus an open pala-pala for processing coffee and agricultural purposes, with power and water and a nearby enclosed toilet.

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